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Questions to Ask an Attorney at Your Jacksonville Lawyer


Hiring an attorney should never be a decision that you make on a whim. Attorneys are helpful, dynamic, experienced and do things in your best interest. If you are in need of an attorney for the first time, or want to switch attorneys, it’s best to consult with more than one before making a final decision. When you begin consulting with attorneys there are some important questions you should ask. These questions help you get a better feel for the attorney, their experience, and how they handle different cases.


What is your experience handling complex cases?


This is a very important question to ask lawyers in Jacksonville. You want to know their experience with handling complex cases in all aspects of the law. This helps in your decision because you won’t have to find multiple lawyers for different specialties if you can find one who has experience in various areas of the law.


What is your client communication policy?


Find out how the lawyer communicates with his or her clients. Do they prefer phone calls? Do they prefer emails? How many in-person meetings will be required during a case? Does the attorney in Jacksonville, FL offer a 24-hour response guarantee to any form of communication with the client? If the lawyer cannot offer a straight answer to this question then you need to move your search to someone else.


What are your payment terms?


Every lawyer will have their own payment terms. Some will not collect payment until they have won your case. Others will bill in increments throughout the relationship with the client. Then there are attorneys who offer clients payment plans so they don’t have to pay their entire bill in one lump sum. Figure out your financial situation prior to meeting with any attorneys so you know what to ask.

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